StoneCrest Dance Center

630 S Bishop

Rolla, MO 65401


Class Descriptions

How are we different?We offer students multiple opportunities to perform. Our students continually learn

and broaden their knowledge by attending conventions

and having visits from guest instructors. We provide hands on training in all classes.

Creative Movement

This class is to introduce the classroom setting to toddlers. The class focuses on learning the introduction of dance and tumbling while engaging the toddlers in active play and imagination. The goal is to ease the transition into Dance Combo I when they are old enough. Ages 18-36 months.

Combo I

This 45 minute class offers an introduction to technique in ballet and tap to children ages 3-5.

Acro I 
This 45 minute classes will teach dancers tumbling tricks and passes that will require strength, mobility and flexibility. The foundation for intermediate/advanced skills will be built in this class. Ages 3-6.

Combo II

This 45 minute class offers technique in ballet and tap for children ages 4-6. Younger students have taken Combo I.

Tap I and II
These 45-60 minute classes will broaden dancers' tap knowledge by working on intricate rhythms, perfecting tap basics, and learning intermediate or advanced tap technique. Ages 6+.

Hip-Hop I, II, III and Boys Hip Hop
​Students of ages 6+ will learn many styles of hip hop including breaking, popping, and locking in these 30-45 minute classes. 

Acro II and III

These 60 minute classes work on the progression and perfection of tumbling tricks and passes. Students will be required to maintain strength and flexibility for these levels. Ages 7+.

Jazz I, II, III, IV

These classes offer traditional jazz technique for the new or experienced dancer. Students of ages 7+ will learn the strength that jazz technique requires. *Required for Company Members* 

Ballet I, II, III , IV
These 45-90 minute classes for ages 7+ will teach students the foundation to all dance techniques. *Required for Company Members*

Lyrical II/III, III/IV

These 45 minute classes will focus on advanced ballet movements and expressing emotions while dancing. Lyrical dancing is a means for dancers to easily tell stories through movement.

This 30 minute class for ages 13+ provides dancers with intricate ballet technique en pointe. *Dancers must have approval by instructor to be en pointe.

Adult Tap & Ballet/Jazz

Both of these classes are great for beginners or experienced dancers. Classes are designed to encourage and challenge dancers to achieve their goals.